Pictures Of Deceit – Blurb +

Just a quick update in case you haven’t read it yet. Available worldwide. Pictures Of Deceit Internationally renowned art dealer, Michael Masters, returns home to Charmsbury with his long awaited ‘Starlight’ exhibition. What should have been a relaxing evening turns into a nightmare for Alexandra Price, local journalist, when she appears to have been the […]

Midnight Garden

The moonlight flooded the garden, it was a full moon and with no streetlights in the area it was almost as bright as in the day. Rose walked through the garden amidst the heady smells of honeysuckle and cut grass, she loved evenings like this, warm and bright. So much more evocative than the heat of […]

Man Problems.

“How does this look.” Jess asked. “Mmm Looks great.” Paul replied whilst looking out the window. “What colour is it?” She sighed, thinking she should be used to this by now but it still annoyed her. “What?” “Never mind.” She went and got changed, wondering sarcastically if all men were the same of if she’d […]

I Just Checked…

I just checked my author page on Amazon and to my surprise Pictures of Deceit is climbing the charts. Nothing as heady as the top 100 but still it’s climbing and that makes me happy, for an indie author I consider this quite a triumph.People are liking Alex and her journalistic crime investigations, or maybe […]

I Bought Yoga Pants.

I bought yoga pants.Yes and today I wore them…Fantastic, comfortable and to get the best out of them,I wore them all day…I got home and looked in the mirror,nope they didn’t work…I’ll give them another hour… just in case 😉 Source: I Bought Yoga Pants.

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