WHAT!!! Shut Up!

So I have no idea what’s going on… last month I gave my book ‘The Community’away free for 3 days. Publicised like crazy for all 3 days, approx 80 books were downloaded. I was happy with that, hoping that there may be a few reviews and sales of book 2 ‘Pictures of Deceit’. It did help sales so all good. 

On Mothers Day I gave it away and publicised just once in the morning, 60 downloaded. 

Today I run a freebie again, didn’t mention it anywhere, hundreds have been downloaded….

Conclusion – From now on I’m keeping my mouth shut! 

4 thoughts on “WHAT!!! Shut Up!

  1. Yeah, I think a lot of it is luck. I had 150 free copies of The Watson Letters book 1 downloaded a couple of weeks back and I hadn’t advertised it. Now I’m Tweeting it, it’s gone back to the usual or 4 per day. Weird.

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