Song 3 in the 5 Song Challenge.

I have been invited to do the 5 songs challenge by the lovely Ellen Best, click the link and say hello.

The rules are to post the lyrics of a favourite song five days in a row, explain what they mean to you and add the video if available.

So here we go again with day 3. Evergreen by Will Young.

In general I’m not a Will Young fan but this song always reminds me of the place on earth that I love the most, so this is love for a place not a person. I do watch the sunrise most mornings over the mountains. I also take a moment to look at that view intensely to engrain it on my heart so that I can close my eyes and see it even when I can’t get there. Just those opening notes make me feel the heat and the breeze against my skin. Perfect.


Eyes, like a sunrise
Like a rainfall
Down my soul
And I wonder,
I wonder why you look at me like that
What you’re thinking,
What’s behind
Don’t tell me, but it feels like love


I’m gonna take this moment
and make it last forever
I’m gonna give my heart away
and pray we’ll stay together
‘Cause you’re the one good reason
You’re the only girl that I need
‘Cause you’re more beautiful than I have ever seen
I’m gonna take this night
and make it Evergreen

[Verse 2]

Touch, like an angel
Like velvet to my skin
And I wonder,
Wonder why you wanna stay the night
What you’re dreaming
What’s behind
Don’t tell me, but it feels like love

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