And The Cat Laughed.

This is part of a 3 word challenge that I like to do to a lot, it warms me up so I can get on with my writing of Book 3 (I will give it a title soon). Occasionally I do one that I like, those are the ones I will share with you.

Would you like to have a go? Use these 3 words and link it to my page, have fun.

The 3 words for this are. Chaos, Mouse, Town

 And The Cat Laughed.

It was utter chaos. the old cat who had few teeth brought a gift to its owners and dropped it at their feet. The cat was still swift enough to catch the mice but they were always alive, which was great for the mouse but Eddie and Joan looked at each other knowing the rest of the morning was going to be busy.

As soon as the mouse’s little feet touch the floor once it was freed from the cats mouth the took flight, behind the bookcase. They moved the bookcase missing the mouse by a split second, who darted through the lounge into the kitchen and under the washing machine. They wiggled the washing machine out of it’s made to measure cubby hole just to watch the mouse disappear behind the fridge.

Joan put the kettle on, it was going to be a long morning. They both walked around with tupperware containers in their hands waiting to pounce when the mouse decided to reappear.

Meanwhile the cat sat in the doorway, watching, almost laughing. If he could talk he would probably say “Go off to town and do some shopping, this is a job for me’ but it was far more fun watching the humans reorganise their home.


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