Indie Authors, No Need To Spend A Fortune.

Are you a new indie author? Confused by so many companies that are promising you the world and happy to take your money off you for doing it.

A first it looks like a minefield but it’s pretty easy to manoeuvre around once you’ve set yourself a spending limit, the more you’re prepared to do for yourself the cheaper it will be. What it will cost is the investment of a lot of your time.

First of all, before you get started get yourself a blog page, there’s plenty of free ones out there, just make sure you’re not limited to what you can blog… yes read the small print. Remember you’re trying to find an audience. So target groups that will have an interest in you.

Sign up with goodreads, Kindle authors pages, twitter, facebook and any other social media that will target your readers. Start this early so that you have built a following before you release your book.

So far all of this is free, and already you’re making a name for yourself.

The Community – Alex Price #1 – Kindle Unlimited – Free
These are UK links but they are all available worldwide.

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