Station Romance

There he is again, every morning at the same time we see each other on the platform, occasionally he misses a day and when he does I search for him, once I found him in the cafe, I wanted to tell him to hurry or we would miss our train, but of course there was no ‘we’ much as I wished there could be.

He was tall and slim with piercing blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair and I was hooked, I don’t even know his name but I do know that when he smiles he has slight dimples that make me want to kiss him. I know I shouldn’t think this way but he makes me, just his existence makes me want to love him.

Every day I smile when I see him and he nods in my direction, then he looks away. I wish I could do something to make him speak to me or even be brave enough to speak to him myself. My best friend always tells me I’m too shy and I should just go and say hello, she’s right of course maybe one day I will… just not today. Today I will just watch him.

The train rolls into the station with a screech of its brakes and we both approach the train, I was so busy watching him that I stumbled, I felt my face colour as my knees hit the concrete, I looked up to a hand that was being offered to help me up, I knew that hand, it was him. “Are you okay?” He asked, genuinely sounding concerned. I mumbled something and stood up with his help.

Twelve months later he promised to pick me up whenever I stumbled as we exchanged our vows.

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