Oh Dear, I’ve Been Watching A TV Debate…

Now I’m completely confused and am wondering if I need to rewrite my books.

The debate, oh well it was about gender neutral language and to be honest it left me more than a little bemused. Apparently I’ve been using the wrong language all along.

So after thousands of years of honing a language and it being my tool of choice to make a living, I have to rethink all of the rules.

The LGBT community had a spokeswoman/man/human/person (can you tell I’m confused already) telling us that we should no longer used the words man/woman/he/she anymore. From now on we should all be known as us/them/they/it. Really, you’d rather be called IT than he/she???

I have spoken to my LGBT friends about this today and they agree that it’s just not going to happen and it’s a few in the LBGT political sector that are being so hard core about this. Yet still it made it to a television debate.

If you are part of the LGBT community, you already have my respect for being amazing people who are being true to themselves, please don’t make me have to rewite all of my books, I will cry.

Thank you 😉

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5 thoughts on “Oh Dear, I’ve Been Watching A TV Debate…

  1. I can understand your perplexity. I’m quite willing to refer to or address anybody in their preferred manner, but I don’t think a wholesale reform of the language is likely to happen. It has got me trying to remember how such references wee handled by the natives of Gethen who are “ambisexual” in “The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. Le Guin.

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