Have We Met?

I like to think I know you all personally, of course I don’t but it’s lovely to catch up with you all most days and when I can’t I miss you all.

I’ve been posting some very eclectic posts recently and I’m not sure that a lot of you will know what I actually do and the reason I write here for you all.

I love writing, there’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down with my pen and a notebook and creating fiction, it’s a form of escapism for me as I hope it is for you too. To date there have been three books which I have published two of them are part of my Alex Price series, Alex is a local journalist who happens to keep coming across amazing stories and it tells of her journey to find out the truth of the situations she finds herself in, s the books go on they become more crime and less mystery. She’s a great journalist though and sassy enough to get away with blue murder… most of the time and with a little help from her family and friends.

Book three as yet untitled is well underway and Alex will find her toughest story yet.

Click here to discover Alex in The Community available Worldwide. (Free on Kindle Unlimited for now.)

Click here to continue following Alex as she travels across the globe in Pictures of Deceit available worldwide.


The other book is a collection of short stories of all genres, which just go some way to showing how we work as humans and how our minds twist and turn. Click here if you want to know more about In The Spotlight. Available worldwide on Kindle only. (Free on Kindle Unlimited)


Thanks for reading and I hope you will take a look at the books and enjoy them.



8 thoughts on “Have We Met?

  1. Nope, never met…ever…so nice to pop in and ha, ha,…not go all Tull this time!!! Love genre swapping too. I write fiction; psychological thriller, horror, fantasy and supernatural. Often cross genres too. I find reading other styles offers up new ways to enliven my own characters too. Love your enthusiasm too 🙂

    and opening gambit…was a jest…hope it came across as such #Nursie (bah…couldn’t resist)

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      • For shame on you…
        Sitting on a park bench,
        eyeing little phones with bad intent…

        Proper started me off now! I’d just come off my Tull addiction too!! Now, tech away and embrace that nature thingamy…oh, most of my writing there is buried deep. I’m about to re-theme and showcase it better over the coming weeks. Main Search tags are Dragon Stone, The Bequest and whatever I put The Monks of War under (amnesia strikes back). My psychological one is Under Wraps as I’m publisher hunting at present !!!

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  2. I am always open to new genres, and been thinking about Unlimited for some time (I travel a lot). Also, it’s always nice to see someone who gets inspired by writing. I wish I had the imagination for fiction. Keep it up!

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