Ghost Writing.

This is part of a 3 word challenge that I like to do, it warms me up so I can get on with my writing of Book 3 (I will give it a title soon). Occasionally I do one that I like, those are the ones I will share with you.

Would you like to have a go? Use these 3 words and link it to my page, have fun.

The 3 words for this are. Ghoast, pencil & phone

Ghost Writing

Jeff sat at his desk, wondering where it had all gone wrong. He had been a fairly successful author for years, he had even given up his well paying job on the strength of it, it had paid the bills and given him a nice life. Up until now and he didn’t know what to do or why it had happened, sales had fallen away.

With his head in his hands, he began to think about selling his much loved writing desk, he loved this wonderful piece of furniture, it dated for the time when Dickens were writing, it had always inspired him. He had bought it fron the profits of his first book and now he had to sell it to pay the mortgage, he was just waiting for the phone to ring to arrange it’s collection. He ran his hands over the desk, his way of saying goodbye.

He picked up a writing pad and his pencil and started to jot down ideas for another book, ideas would come at the strangest moments but he never denied the thoughts. He looked down at the pad and saw there were already indentations in the paper, the ghost of some previous writing that had gone through the pad. Strange in a new pad, he turned the pencil on its side and gently rubbed it over the pad revealing the writing on the page.

He did this on page after page, not believing what he was seeing. There were notes on plots and characters and the beginning of a story, it needed work but it was a gift. He thought back to the pad, where had he got it, it wasn’t one of his usual stock. He had found it in the bottom drawer of the desk.

The ghost of a writer was ensuring that he didn’t part with the desk, or that was what he believed.


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