Jasmin – On Her Break.

The weather has changed, no longer do I sit and shiver now I can slip back into autumn, it might not last but it’s so nice to be warm again. Jasmin sat looking out of the window glad that she didn’t have to sit in work again with two t shirts and two jumpers on, in fact, three people asked her if she’d lost weight today. People are so judgemental she thought grabbing another bakewell tart. If I’m looking better she thought I may as well treat myself, she hadn’t as yet realised it was because she was a jumper short today.

With the temperature being more clement she decided to go for a walk in her lunch break, after the cakes she’d eaten she was no longer hungry and it would be nice to get out of the office. She didn’t even grab her coat as she left the building.

Down in the local park she wandered along the path with no route in mind, she took in the bare winter trees and a squirrel who run up the trunk as she walked towards him, she smiled, it was always the simple things that made Jasmin smile. The pond to her right was quiet, there were no birds or fish to see as she looked  into the water. Suddenly she wished she had someone to share this moment with. Then she noticed a ripple on the surface of the pond. Then another. Great she thought now I’m going to get soaked, she turned to head back to the office and noticed how far she had walked, she would have to hurry. As the thought went through her mind the heavens opened and the rain came down with such a force she ran for the shelter of a tree only to realise that it was winter, the tree wouldn’t help keep her dry.

Then it stopped, not the rain but it seemed she was no longer getting wet, she looked up and there was a handsome man holding his jacket above her head like a canopy. She smiled as they stood looking at each other. He was just what she had wished for.

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