What are you most frightened of?

Mandy would have replied with the obvious, spiders & snakes on any other day but today was different, today she had witnessed her first dead body and it was playing on her mind, today she would answer death. The pain and misery that was left behind with the haunting memories, suddenly she was questioning life and death.

In her job she had never expected to encounter a dead body, she was at her desk in the car wash garage where she had worked for three years and suddenly there was a shout, she went to see what was happening. The guys that valeted the cars were gathered around an old Ford Escort, those things were almost classics now, she approached the car, Bri tried to stop her getting near but he failed, the boot was up and inside was the body of a young girl. Not just any young girl this was Amanda, her face had been all over the newspapers for the past week and now here she was, in the boot of the car. There was a lot of activity as the police turned up and questioned everyone and they took the car and the body away.

Since then Mandy had been having nightmares and couldn’t bear the thought of the pain the girl may have gone through before her death. She’d never really thought about dying before but now she could think of nothing else, it filled her with an irrational fear that she just couldn’t shake off. She started to wonder about her own death because surely it was inevitable, the one thing we all had in common.

Today when asked, she answered that her biggest fear was dying and you could see the truth of that in her eyes.

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