Haunted Ferrari

The Ferrari stopped and the tinted window opened to reveal nothing. The bell boy from the hotel couldn’t believe his eyes, it seemed there was no one in the car. He wasn’t stupid he knew self drive cars hadn’t come this far, these type of cars were for the super rich and they liked to drive their cars and be seen to be doing it. He didn’t want to approach the car what if it was haunted, he shook his head, no he’d just been reading too many horror books. There must be a rational explanation. He slowly approached the car, tentatively, he had to admit to himself he was a little spooked, it was probably just one of his friends having a laugh. Having thought that he felt braver although at the back of his mind he knew he didn’t have friends that owned cars like this one.

As he came to the door he heard a click and the door slowly opened, still he couldn’t see anyone, he put on his bravest voice “Hello, can I help.” It came out as a small voice but he reached forward to hold the door and dipped his head to look inside.

He was instantly pulled in, the door slammed and the car drove away. All that was left was a nametag on the concrete drive with a single spot of blood on his name.

If you like short stories take a look at In The Spotlight, a collection of short stories of all genres. Enjoy

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