Be Careful What You Wish For…

She wished she could hold her tongue but she had been prodded and ridiculed one time too many but her workmates, she knew she was different and she was already bored with shop work anyway and thought she’d got nothing to lose, so she walked.

Now she would have to find somewhere new to live and work out a new way to survive. There would be no more treats, flash nights out, good holidays, life would have to go back to basics and she didn’t know where to start. There was little money in the bank to fall back on, she had always liked to live well, she began to panic.

She walked along the road looking at the homeless people sat in doorways and wondered if she would be joining them soon, then at the people sat inside cafes with no work to go to, how could they afford to do that?

She was no longer bored, she was frightened about the future.

If you like short stories take a look at In The Spotlight, a collection of short stories of all genres.

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