Lucky For Some.

This is part of a 3 word challenge that I like to do, it warms me up so I can get on with my writing of Book 3 (I will give it a title soon). Occasionally I do one that I like, those are the ones I will share with you.

Would you like to have a go? Use these 3 words and link it to my page, have fun.

The 3 words for this are. Failure, Attic & Beer.

Lucky For Some

They had to move, Josh knew it although he didn’t like the idea, he’s recently lost his job and they couldn’t afford the big house anymore, to make life easier on both of them they had decided to downsize. After all, why had they ever needed five bedrooms when there was just the two of them. It was no more than a status symbol, initially Sarah had hated the size of the house but soon came to like it when she got in a housekeeper and a gardener, she had enjoyed getting someone else to do the work whilst she sat around and enjoyed it, it gave her time to do her hobbies too, she liked to collect antiques and there was a lot of space here to display them all. She soon learned to enjoy all of the trappings of being a rich man’s wife.

Josh went up into the attic, he thought it would be the best place to start clearing out their junk. He would miss the house, it fitted him like a glove, he enjoyed the garden and loved nothing more than to sit in his man shed and drink beer whilst watching the local wildlife running around his garden. He felt sad about leaving it behind, he felt like a failure now all of the trappings of wealth had to be left behind. He climbed the stairs to the attic and at the top of the stairs he was faced with shelves of junk, he never understood why Sarah had to buy all of this stuff, most of it wasn’t even pretty.  He spent a couple of hours filling black bin liners with things they would never need again, then he saw it the big old wooden sarcophagus that Sarah had insisted on buying a few months ago. He hated it and would gladly get rid of it, it would be the first thing to go, he wrestled it down the narrow staircase all the time wondering what Sarah would say when she saw it going. She had turned into a spoilt rich girl, she hadn’t always been like that but now she would need to learn to live within her means again, it would be okay they weren’t completely broke yet and selling the house would cover all of their loans and debts. As he turned to go up the stairs again he heard Sarah come into the house, he ran for the stairs, he wanted to avoid an arguement over the wooden box. As he ascended the stairs he could hear her talking to herself, berating him for moving the sarcophagus, he ignored her and carried on to sort out more junk.

He emerged from the attic an hour later and took the sarcophagus outside into the garden, he put a sledgehammer through it with pleasure, doused it in petrol and set light to it.

Sarah was nowhere to be seen but the phone was ringing, he went to the kitchen and answered it. His old boss was offering him his job back, the company’s fortunes had turned around and he could also have a salary increase. He sat down stunned.

He never saw Sarah again but since he destroyed that heap of junk his life had turned around. He did ponder on the connection…

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