A time to celebrate, have fun and decorate your houses in may flowers and welcome the coming of Summer.

A time of growth and fertility a time to be happy and start new projects. Welcome the Spring festival of Optimism.

In modern days we refer to it as May Day but it’s far more than just a bank holiday and a day off work. If you can’t attend a fire ritual then light candles to signify the fire of protection. These rituals stem from farming and the turning of the seasons, now is the time the farmers will begin to get ready for their summer work.

Don’t forget to appease the fairies, this is an auspicious festival and the fae folk will take advantage, leave a little food out for them and they will leave you be and find others to worry.

So as the wheel of the year turns don’t forget to celebrate the old ways.

Also a great excuse to listen to Jethro Tull showing you the way.

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