You have a week, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes to be yourself, to be whatever you dream of being. What would you do?

Money is unlimited, this is a time to imagine that nothing is impossible.

So what would you do? Play the tables in Las Vegas, marry a megastar, be in a movie, become a singing sensation. This week is for you, no one else so go on be decadent, spoil yourself.

This question was asked of me and I have no idea what I’d do, in fact it puts my brain on meltdown. Apart from a huge party for all of the people I admire and care about and have all of the things that they would love too, that would come right at the end of the week I have no idea how to spend the rest of it.

So what’s it to be, tell me your dreams and wishes.

download (4)imagine


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