Subject – Alien

“Come on Tim, you must have some idea?”

   “I don’t know, leave me alone. Why do I have to choose now?” He answered sulkily.

   “You know why, we have to plan. You need to choose what subjects you will do at school next year.” His Mum left the room in despair, she didn’t want it to end in an argument as it had every other time she had mentioned it. He was a lazy boy, she wondered how she had managed to have a son who couldn’t get excited about life and just wanted to play on his X Box day and night.

   In his room Tim started to wonder about what he could do with his life, what he really wanted was to be an astronaut but he was old enough to know that wasn’t going to happen, unless he passed all of his exams then got accepted into a training camp at NASA. That was a million to one chance. Now there seemed like there might be an alternative route.

Something had happened twenty five nights ago, he had thought it was a dream but then he had been contacted via email, in less than three weeks he would be going on a trip of a lifetime. He just had to work out how to tell his Mom and he didn’t know how when all she kept going on about was what he should do at school.

He also knew his Mum thought that he was playing games on his X Box all of the time when what he was actually doing was talking to someone about his trip and finding out everything he could about XCP183TT,  a planet that was so advanced they had visited Earth, although the scientists here knew very little about the planet, and he was the first person they had invited to visit them. He was nervous and a little scared but he was going, he wouldn’t have to worry about Maths and English ever again.

Dreams do come true.

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