Learn About Your Handwriting. – Mind The Gap.

AKA Graphology.

I love to hand write, all of my manuscripts are written by hand for the first draft, for me it makes the second draft easier, I get to pull out all of the obvious errors in the story as I transfer the work to computer, that’s when it becomes all about the font and size too.  Graphology is a really interesting science and I thought I’d like to shed a little light on it, albeit from an amateur point of view. After all who isn’t interested in knowing what they’re telling the world about themselves.

First of all, a lot of graphology is about what you don’t write. The gaps and margins you instinctively leave on your paper can tell you a lot about yourself. The spaces you leave say a lot about the relationship between what you think and what is reality.

If you don’t leave margins and write edge to edge it can be an indication is selfishness or childish behaviour. Wide margins left and right suggests structure and a balanced lifestyle.

Ideally there should be approximately 2cm margins on both sides of your page, this is considered to be tidy and thoughtful and shows a degree of equalibrium.

Larger margins suggest sociability,  generousity and sometimes chaos.

Margins that change and drift backwards and forwards suggest emotional insecurity,  difficulties in organising your life.

Obviously this will all work together with your writing style but it’s a start in this huge OLOGY.

More later….

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