My Evening – Cutting.

I know, I know. I should be writing but I looked at some of my old t shirts sitting in a heap waiting to go for recycling, then it happened. You know that thing when you go to throw something away and then you remember why you bought it in the first place. Where you were and the fun you were having at the time and then it gets pulled out of the pile and put back on the shelf. 

So I decided to do something to make sure I would wear it instead of it just sitting on the shelf until the next round of decluttering. 

My evening is now about restyling those old t shirts and taking away those horrible ribbed necks and I’m happy I have. My memories are intact.

Need a how to guide to change your wardrobe. Here it is….

You’ll need a pair of scissors, a ruler, a dinner plate and your old t shirts. 

Lay them out on the table use the ruler to measure equal lengths on the sleeves and cut them off.put the dinner plate upside down over the neck of the t-shirt, make sure it’s the same distance each side from the shoulders and cut around it.

That’s it  … you’re done. When you wash it the new cuts will curl a little and make it look even better. 


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