Book Titles.

Why is it so difficult?

Coming up with a book title should be easy, you’ve written your book, you know what it’s about and then you realise you need to call it something. Thats the time I run screaming for the hills.

I have little problem in writing 70, 000+ words, but ask me to come up with 1-4 words that sounds exciting, irresistable, catchy and sums the story up… I’m flumoxed.

Then suddenly inspiration strikes, yes, I have it, it’s almost perfect… will almost perfect do? Hmmm I pop the title into Google and hey presto, five other people who have written books liked it too and have already used it, back to the drawing board…

It really shouldn’t be this difficult… So I write this in hope that someone can tell me how they go about finding their titles, you may just give me some inspiration.

I’ll wait with baited breath…


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