The Slant of Your Handwriting.

I am becoming increasingly interested in handwriting and what it tells the reader about us. If you are like me and still love to handwrite you may be interested in taking a look at these posts. I will try to cover a few of the common aspects of your handwriting over the next few weeks.

Most of us write with a slant to our letters, although if you find you are one of those that don’t and your letters stand proudly vertical you are amongst that group that has great self control, you’re calm and respectful, in other words you have a well balanced personality. Lucky you, because most of us slant one way or another.

A slant to the left indicates someone who looks to the past, that will hold back and has quite a closed personality. You will probably think slowly which is a great indicator of someone with good concentration skills. If very slanted  watch out for aggressive streaks. Be careful you don’t get too stuck in your ways though you are an introvert and very cautious with your life.

A slant to the right indicates just the opposite, here is someone who looks to the future, takes risks also they are showing a need for affection, they like to please people and are over trusting. They tend to oppose others thoughts, these people prone to selfishness too, very much the extrovert. If very slanted it can show a jealous personality.

If your writing tends to switch from one slant to the other then there is doubt present, there could be conflict between how you live your life and how you want to live your life, maybe you are going through some life changing times.

Once you mix these traits in with many, many others you will get a better picture of what you are telling the world.

More soon…



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