Remember Them? – 21

I thought it would be nice to relive some of the tunes that I for some time had forgotten about but at times in my life meant something to me, they will mainly be the songs and bands that anyone under the age of thirty (Ok forty… who am I kidding!) may never have heard of, if you’re a little older you may just have some memories of your own in amongst the music to follow, there’ll be some rubbish in here but I can promise there’ll be some gems too.

Adam and the Ants, who could fail to be impressed by a flurry of feathers and war paint, the 80’s would have been a much less colourful place without them.

Although formed in the late 70’s their wide ranging fame didn’t arrive until the early 80’s with the Kings of the wild frontier album. Their fans becoming known as Antpeople. Splitting up in late ’82 we all thought it was over…. apparently through a lack of interest,   but right now they are touring again and wowing their fans all over again.

Enjoy, I hope it brings back as many memories for you as it does for me.  Did I wear feathers….?  Yes I did!

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