Dotting you i’s – Handwriting.

i’s in your handwriting measure your capacity for concentration and your attention span. Take a look at your last block of handwriting and find out what it tells you as a letter alone it tells you nothing at all but seen in the context of a body of writing it may give you some clues.

Do you dot your i’s or not? In the past i’s were not dotted but then when written quickly it got misread as other letters most notably u, that was when people started to use a dash or a dot to make the letter clear. Now it has become universally a dot. If you dot your i’s you are making something clear, a definite idea takes form. If you don’t dot them it shows distraction and a lack of clarity.  Then how do you dot it?

Then how do you dot it? A high dot denotes intuition whilst a low dot implies that you are practical, a sensible thinker. If the dot almost touches the top of the i, it shows a greedy nature or a weak character.

If the dot sits directly over the letter, you would be read as being precise, calm and self controlled. To the left, shy and fearful of taking risks. To the right, affectionate, impatient and passionate.



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