The Charade – part 11

Chapter Eleven

She was so shocked at this man’s words she staggered slightly and the old man pulled a chair from behind the counter for her to sit on. He watched her with concern. “Sit, sit.”

“But Sir how could you know my Mother, even I don’t remember her well?” She accepted a cup of some warm liquid from him.

“I didn’t know her well but still I thought she was a very special lady, maybe I like to think I knew her better than I really did, I don’t suppose she would remember me anyway. I fell in love a little when I first saw her, you are very much like her. Tell me what brings you into this kind of town?”

She could barely grasp what he was saying to her. Why wouldn’t she live round here? “I’m sorry Sir.”

“No please call me George, I’m no Sir.” He chuckled.

“George, please tell me about her.”

“There’s not much to tell, Elizabeth was a beautiful lady, I didn’t know she had a daughter though, I only thought she had the two boys, but you are so much like her and wearing that necklace then she must have had a girl too. You are so welcome in my shop.”

“Thank you but can you tell me more about her, please.” She held her breath he must know her he had called her Elizabeth.

“I don’t know anything else girl.” George was beginning to look uncomfortable, she followed his eyeline to the doorway but there was no one there. “I have to go now and start to close the shop, pop by and see me again won’t you?” With that he started to usher her towards the door.

She stood outside the shop only then realising that she was still wearing the beautiful dress and her old clothes were still inside the shop, she turned to go back inside but the door had already been closed to her. She would have to return tomorrow and collect her old clothes from George, she did love the new dress. She turned towards her room and as if from nowhere Carl appeared, looking at her in a totally different way than he had before. Since she had first met him at the party, he now seemed to be everywhere she turned, was he following her.



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