The Charade – Part 14

S C Richmond

If you go to the website the story is up to date, you can catch up on anything you may have missed.

Chapter 14

She walked into the poorest part of town, feeling completely overdressed in her new outfit, it was late afternoon and she thought that if 23, Coal Street was Georges address that they could go out for a drink. She hoped he could tell her more about her family, he obviously knew something of her history.

She walked along Coal Street and watched the numbers 17, 19, 21, then there it was number 23, her heart quickened, she hoped he wouldn’t be upset to see her here. She looked around her, the street was eerily quiet, she turned and tapped hesitantly on the door. She thought she heard some movement and then nothing, no one came to the door and now there was only silence. She hadn’t walked all of this…

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