I Feel Like An Alchemist.

If you know me you’ll know I gave up smoking and moved to vaping nearly 3 years ago. I found a nice little company that produced great e-liquid and I was happy.

A couple of months ago I discovered that my nice little company had gone to the wall, I assume because of the new rulings on vaping, but that’s another blog altogether. I was not happy and have spent a small fortune on trying to find liquids as good. I couldn’t find anything that matched up so now I’ve moved on and I decided to mix my own, the kitchen table has been full of liquids and recipes. My husband is tearing his hair out because there’s no space for him amongst the liquids, bottles and syringes.

Just a little bit of this with a touch of that and a pinch of something else… it’s quite exciting, I understand how people in the past enjoyed mixing things to see what they could produce from a few chemicals.

Now I must sit back and wait for two days to see what my first batch will taste like. Wish me luck.


Mad scientist or just a regular magician?

10 thoughts on “I Feel Like An Alchemist.

  1. I’m not sure if you’ve tried this or not, but I’ve had great success with putting my bottles of vape juice in ziploc baggies, then putting them in hot water for about 15 min to “speed-steep” them. I find a “post steep” ice bath to cool them off afterwards keeps them from steeping too long and getting that “left in a hot car” aftertaste. Just a thought.
    Anyways, congrats on making your own juice! Keep up the good work!

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      • It’s a fairly shallow learning curve. And it’s not too bad if you make a mistake…. unless that mistake involves the nicotine extract *shudder*. But all in all, it’s pretty easy and relatively inexpensive to get the hang of. There are a bunch of websites to help with the DIY aspect of vaping. I wish you the very best of luck in your endeavor 🙂

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