Dirty Dancing – To restore Your Memories.

I have put the television on tonight and found Dirty Dancing 2017 on, I love Dirty Dancing, but 10 minutes into this remake I found myself actually cringing at the lack of chemistry or acting.

So if you’re watching this, here’s a comparison for you.


Now here’s a quick reminder of how it should look…

download (4)dirtydancingdownload (4)dirtydancing1

So now I’m off to dig out my DVD and have a Dirty Dancing fest until Poldark starts… almost a perfect Sunday after all…


4 thoughts on “Dirty Dancing – To restore Your Memories.

  1. Seldom are remakes comparable to the originals. Especially remakes of such a classic movie. I’ve always loved Dirty Dancing and quote the movie repeatedly. Just like with Grease remake… I feel like this movie is doomed for failure.

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