Backpacks, Glitter and Wellies.

Nothing says it’s festival time in Glastonbury better than the increasing viewings of skimpy clothing paired up with wellies. It’s that time of year again that people turn up in the small town of Glastonbury looking for the festival. It adds colour to the town as the regular visitors, sadly but sensibly, avoid Glastonbury and the backpacks start to appear.

The shops fill up quickly not so much with people but with backpacks the size of a small house, the people carrying them almost lost beneath them, shopkeepers hold their breath hoping their shop is intact by the end of festival season. Everyones happy and sprinkling fairy dust everywhere and looking for things to dress their sparkling new wellies with.

Fingers crossed this year for a dry festival, whilst the town of Glastonbury winds down for a few days to regain its strength for the coming summer.


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