In The Night Room – Review.

4.5/5.0  Great read.

In The Night Room by Peter Straub.

A warning to all writers out there, be careful what you write or this may happen to you. I love Peter Straub and for some unknown reason until recently had never heard about this book, I’m glad I found it. It starts out as a regular Straub book but after the fist few chapters I started to wonder what was going on, it felt a little confused but I’m so pleased I didn’t just put it down and walk away. The dead are haunting Timothy Underhill and there are things he has to put right, his sister who died when she was nine helps him through the story.

I have read in other reviews of this book that you need to read Lost Boy, Lost Girl before reading this one, I didn’t and the story was still a great one so I can only assume that if you have you’ll enjoy this book even more than I did.  A fantastic read which I would recommend to anyone, there’s no really nasty horror involved just a great story.


The Blurb –

A dazzling new chilller from the bestselling author of Koko and Lost Boy Lost Girl. Award-winning children’s book author Willy Patrick seems to be having a breakdown. Figures from her past are coming to visit her, most frighteningly her dead daughter, Holly, who was murdered together with Willy’s first husband. Then Willy discovers her mysterious fiance may well have been responsible for the deaths of her husband and daughter. After fleeing the house they are renovating she runs into Tim Underhill, also an author haunted by the deaths of loved ones. In fact, his long-deceased nine-year-old sister recently appeared to him on the way to his favourite diner, and he’s been getting strange emails from people in his home town — none of whom are still alive. But what really spooks him is the realization that Willy seems to be the heroine of the book he is currently working on, in precisely the mortal peril he has invented for her…



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