Good Day / Bad Day?


Today I realised how true this is. I’m back at work after a week relaxing in the sunshine

I’m back at work after a week relaxing in the sunshine, eating, drinking and fussing over three lovely cats. Then I had to hit the ground running at full tilt into seven day weeks and editing book 3 (Yes, Yes I know …. still no title!).

I just wanted to go back to those lazy sunny days of a cat in my lap whilst I read a good book.

I wasn’t a happy bunny when I went to work and then a few people came into the shop and I’m sure they were sent to make me smile, after fifteen minutes of belly laughs they left me with a big smile on my face and suddenly I feel glad to be home. So now onwards and upwards with book 3.

It’s all in your attitude.

I wish you all such a wonderful day.



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