Drafts… How Many?

I was just curious as to how many drafts of a novel people did before they were happy with their work and I was really surprised when I asked authors and had a look around online.

The majority of people say they do two drafts of their work, that really surprised me as I do way more than that, I’m beginning to wonder how they manage on just two to catch all of the details, I’m still finding things to change after the fourth and fifth draft, I generally don’t put it out to a few chosen readers until after the fifth and still after that there are things that need changing.

I think there must be far more confident writers out there than me, maybe this is something I should work on but then again, I do enjoy doing the drafts so maybe that’s why I do so many.

So just out of curiosity how many do you do?


7 thoughts on “Drafts… How Many?

  1. I did Nanowritemo last November and wrote as a Pantser over 50K words in 28 days. I am not that kind of writer. I’m by nature an uber-organized plotter. Usually, I go over and over and over what I’ve written as I’m writing–kind of five steps backward, two steps forward. That way, I only have another edit or two to do.

    With my Nanowritemo Inspirational Romantic Suspense (that I’m targeting for Harlequin’s Love Inspired line) I have to go back and make heavy revisions to the plot, characters, etc. Not happy about it as I finally pick the manuscript back up ready to deal with the massive revisions. Not sure I’ll do Nano again, but it was on my bucket list to see if I could write that way.

    What I learned from the whole thing is that every writer has her own way, and whatever that is works. When you get your first draft finished, you have to revise and revise as many times as needed until it is so shiny, it blinds and dazzles the first agent or editor you submit to, and they immediately phone to make an offer…

    Hey, a chick can hope, eh?

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    • There’s always hope. Good luck with your work. I must admit I couldn’t do the Nano so hats off to you.
      I’ve just finished my third book so where’s that lovely agent that’s going to make that immediate phone call.


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