The Art Of Taking A Compliment.

This is a rant…

I’ve just been witness to a man giving a woman a compliment about an item of her clothing. It wasn’t creepy or false it appeared to be a genuine compliment. Just as I was thinking what a nice thing to do, she turned on him and gave him a dressing down about being sexist. I stood quietly listening to this tirade against the poor man.

I’m not surprised men back down from being gallant if this is the way some women react to a compliment, there are ways to accept a compliment and walk away (even if it wasn’t one you wanted) without being rude. It’s really simple …

  1. Say thank you.
  2. Smile
  3. Walk away.

Jeez…. it’s so easy.

Compliments are lovely, they are spoken to make your day better and make you feel good and I hope everyone will continue to offer compliments and receive them in good grace.

Rant over. compliment

5 thoughts on “The Art Of Taking A Compliment.

  1. My daughter (37) who has self-image problems, regularly goes up to other women and compliments them on their appearance…how they’ve done their hair, some article of clothing, or whatever else she can think of. I love this, but, as an older male, I know that if I were to genuinely compliment a woman in such a manner, I would possibly be treated like a creep or stalker…so, I don’t. Pity. There are so many people in need of a genuine compliment, and yet, it has become so difficult to do.

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    • I think it’s such a shame that you feel like that. I can promise that not all women act like the woman I saw today. I still like to know theres gentlemen out there. It makes me sad that you feel that you can’t compliment a woman.

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