13 thoughts on “When You Let Your Characters Talk To You #writers #writerslife

  1. Cautious my precious, we don’t want the World to know we is schizoid…

    I have been asked many times about how I write and…interlude….popped over to the original post and rather enjoyed the read and discussion….interlude over….and, have, on many platforms been asked how I get characters to chip in. I use a mind palace system where I actually enter their world in my head. It could ba called, to an externalobserver, a bit of a zone out; possbly causing concern and directory searches for folk with white coats. Inside this palace, or virtual reality, I see and hear them speaking quite independantly. I often consider myself to be a biographer of tales rather than an author per se. It started when I wrote my first piece Ripples In Time, Half A Twin. The concept grew as the writing started, no plan or story board, just dipped in and the two lead twins created a world as they walked through it. The ending was tragic; hence the title. It was an intense emotional drain. Being a short story at the time I moved on and found myself with a personal opus magnum germinating. I took the surviving twin into a book and found parallel worlds, chronological disturbances and an old antagonist created way back in online gaming smirking in the background. In one of these places the deceased twin went on a right personal attack about how upset I’d made her sister and why on earth would I be so mean as to her her run over by a van. Enter the rest of that cast and in eras past I rather think burning at the stake might have been considered if any of this got out. Now they talk and I watch as they create solutions and problems walking their course in a story. It’s allowed me to crosslink characters and displace them. One has been married and had children before he was born (time displacement issue and proper messed his head up). That book awaits an edit and has had some rather good feedback… But what a journey, the writing was intense, and left an emotional aftershock that takes me a few hours to discharge and return to my own psyche. So much more I could write on this subject wrt my “method” and if you’ve seen any if my writing here then all of it came from that very first piece and getting a bollocking from the deceased!

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      • It’s a phrase I find fitting. A writing hangover so to speak. After a good internal chin wag I can go out and quite comfortably sit in a beer garden talking to absolutely nobody at all. Goodness knows what that looks like to somebody else, especially if the internal banter is still going on!!

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      • I have truly experienced this whilst writing book 3… I really must get a title! I went into a serious decline whilst trying to recover from what had happened to one character. You think they’d be kinder to their author wouldn’t you.

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      • Indeed yes, most inconsiderate they are at times, although I have a trick now in my main series and that is to write a bit with the antagonist. Being a most sinister type and of a terrible pursuasion that often signals a possible terminal illness, most of the other characters go very quiet and avert their eyes. Which can be nice if it gets very shouty. But seriously, I do get the decline thing post intense writing. After NaNo I didn’t write anything constructive for a couple of months. I think it might be why I write in intense batches rather than regularly. Still trying to find that balance of reality versus fiction and avoid the bit where it all blurs together. Obviously if nobody gets that, I ought to consider visiting my GP!

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      • This is good to hear! I have found out writing and keeping it all to oneself is rather a ride on the almost depression roller coaster. I so get the need for people in similar positions to talk to or liaise with. They understand it and can nod and chuckle in a way that makes the isolation with a babbling head full of strange people! Ooh, can you call characters people? Or is that a step too far and something not to say publicly…

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      • Only if you are agreeable to inane rambles (obviously rich in unedited typos and auto-incorrect, foul beast that is!) and distractive aberrations! I do that a lot it seems! Lovely to actually get onto someone’s blog and forge a connection too. Must keep doing that. It’s ideal useful procrastinating when trying to avert said mind palace zone outs 🙃

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      • Most excellent. I often do my best blog posts on comments, which is rather odd as often I hit the add new post button and sit stewing for a bit thinking “Now what?” Most annoying that is!!!

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