A New Life.

This is part of a 3 word challenge that I like to do, it warms me up so I can get on with my writing of Book 3 (I will give it a title soon). Occasionally I do one that I like, those are the ones I will share with you.

Would you like to have a go? Use these 3 words and link it to my page, have fun.

The 3 words for this are adventure, love, hope.

a new life

A New Life.

She sat alone in her room, she wasn’t sad, she’d already been through that emotion, no, now she saw this as the next phase of her life. She had thought that she loved Cam but it turned out that he hadn’t felt the same about her and he left for a waitress at the local bistro. She was okay about that, she thought that now she was alone again she would do things differently and no longer depend on someone else for her happiness.

She grabbed her mobile and deleted everyone’s numbers and then went through her social media sites and deleted all of those too. She was going to live now and no one was going to stop her. She had decided that if someone phoned her she would keep them in her life but if people didn’t call then they were as good as dead to her. A new life beckoned. She felt free for the first time in years.

A couple of days went by, the first day she missed social media but didn’t give in. Two of her friends had phoned her today, she was pleased because they were the only two people in her life that she would have dearly missed. Now she was ready for an adventure and she hoped her two friends would go along with her. She booked three tickets for a week away in a log cabin and sent a ticket to each of her friends inviting them along.

The day came and she packed her bags, this was the start of her new life, she left the key in the door of her flat and took herself off to the cabin in the woods, she hoped her friends could make it because after this week she planned to go further afield and see what the world held for her.

They all got together, the week was full of laughter and love and was a good springboard into an unknown future, a future that her friends shared with her and showed her that there was more to life than a conventional love affair and a conventional life. She sent Cam a postcard from Bali, Singapore, India, Madagascar and smiled when her phone rang… he was just too late.

7 thoughts on “A New Life.

  1. I like her attitude towards life, when life turns for the worst, that is the time taking drastic decision help you move forward. There is a saying that when you are in your lowest point in life any one who comes to help you are your truest friends, and you definitely want to keep them.

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