What To Do?

It’s a bit of a nothing day today, I don’t know what to do with myself.

Weathers dull, editings done, so what do I do with myself apart from drink vast quantities of coffee?

Don’t get me wrong theres a million things that need doing but there’s nothing that’s inspiring me today. So any ideas please pop them on a postcard and send them to me.

Meanwhile I’ll be scanning the internet trying to find something to write about to inspire you all to do better than me today.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow I’m sure. 😉

not today

Alternatively, you could cheer me up and read my books 😉 (Well I couldn’t waste that opportunity could I 😉 )

The Community US  The Community UK

Pictures Of Deceit US Pictures Of Deceit UK

In The Spotlight US  In The Spotlight UK



5 thoughts on “What To Do?

  1. Hey Steph,

    Perhaps a little late in the day to comment, but I was keen to hear what transpired in your day and what will be different tomorrow to inspire you? 🙂

    We’ve had storms and rain here for most of the day, the block of flats in which I live is surrounded by a tarmac skirt. Currently waterlogged it is my castle moat, and I bound within its magnolia painted walls. In the stillness that prevails I rotate periods of time either spent idly listening to raindrops or the melody of a merry minstrel, Damh the Bard. If one takes a moment to embrace the Celtic aesthetic and feel its ancient rhythms, there is both Grail and Romance to inspire.

    Have a wondrous weekend Steph. Take care in all ways.

    Namaste 🙂


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    • What a wonderful reply, thank you. I think my malady today is due to the work on my book being finished, just a shift in what I should move to next and leaving behind something that has taken up the last ten months of my life. Its just been a day to take stock. Tomorrow is another day.

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      • That’s my pleasure, thank you 🙂 Congratulations of course on completion of the book! Tis another new tome for your library, another new title for your mantle.

        Malady is a beautifully playful word when spoken out loud: perhaps too fine a word to be so disquieted.

        I understand only a little about stepping through shallows en route to the deep sea, but I know I enjoy the warmth of the sun easing teasing and pleasing me after swimming in wordy seas. Tomorrow is always another day to play another way. Good luck!

        Namaste 🙂


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