The End is Nigh…

Book 3 (Yes the title is almost decided on and I will reveal it as soon as I’m sure) is done and off to the proof reader. The blurb is almost done too, just a few word changes here and there to do.  So now I have to work on the cover, graphics are always the most difficult part for me, my technical abilities leave much to be desired but I’m on the home straight.

So I’m planning a lazy weekend doing nothing more than breaking out a new notebook for the onset of the next book. Something completely different. I won’t write a word for a while but the notebook will sit there looking at me, willing me to fill its pages and get back to the writing desk.

I hope you all get the chance to relax a little this weekend, I’ll be cracking a bottle of Asti to celebrate finally having a title.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend everyone.

pop the Asti

5 thoughts on “The End is Nigh…

  1. Hey Steph,

    Congratulations on your wordy achievement and best wishes incubating ideas for Book 4! You sound both thrilled and ready to relax 🙂

    ‘Something completely different’….one wonders quite where your imagination will carry you on its magic carpet ride. Have a great trip…’Bon voyage!’

    Regards the well-deserved bottle of Asti – you’ve earned every last sweet fizzy drop of it so as they say in my small corner of the globe, “Bottoms up!” 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend of celebration! Have fun, take care.

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Thank you, and thank you for the smile I am indeed glad of a chance to relax but I can’t wait to start again. This writing lark is addictive.
      With reference to Bottoms Up it used to be a very good wine merchants in the West Country. So just maybe we share the same part of the globe 😊
      Have a wonderful evening.

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      • Hey Steph,

        My pleasure and no problem respectively 🙂 Weekends are opportunities to relax and your achievement is a just and fair reason to indulge. You sound comfortably buoyant and eager to compose your prose…you’ve such energy within to go off voyaging the whole of the Milky Way.

        🙂 We reside on common ground Steph – the UK – but I live in Wales, another country altogether (!), although personally, I am an Englishman (now) living abroad, lol 🙂 Wales is my spiritual home. I know small areas of the South West better than the West Country but I’ve travelled about quite a bit here and there. So yes indeed, we share the same corner of the globe 🙂 I’ve knowledge of the brand cited, and also recall Bottoms Up! being in the high street…a good wine-merchant as I remember. The humour in the name – it’s full of merry cheer – and when used as a ‘toast’ always brings smiles to the immediate moment. The English do the double-entendre better than most, I think. I reference the carry-on films for example, and postcards sold at beachfronts in the 70’s and 80’s lol 🙂 All good fun.

        Thank you yes I hope the weekend will free and flutter the little grey cells and after that I will sleep with chance to dream and wake to enjoy whatever Sunday has in-store for me. I wish you a wonderful weekend of indulgence.

        Take care of one and all.

        Namaste 🙂


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