Your Signature.

What does your signature say about you? Do you just scribble your name down or have you developed a way of showing yourself in a better light? Or you may even just use a symbol to identify yourself. In these days of electronic everything talking about a signature seems a little old fashioned but we still all have some way of making our mark in the world.

We still use a signature on all of our important documents, those pieces of paperwork that will follow us through our lives, so what does yours say about you?

Large or small?  A large signature shows a high self esteem, you put a good value on yourself but be aware of a show of arrogance too, it can also show a lack of regard for others.

A small signature shows a lack of confidence, it reflects the way you think others see you and you probably are sensitive to others thoughts, try and be braver, or at least make your signature a little larger to feign that show of bravery, and don’t worry so much.

Is your signature legible? A signature that’s scribbled is generally used by someone who is business like and their signature means little to them, their time is more important. Many great businessmen and women use illegible scribble because a signature is necessary but it doesn’t need to take up their time. A legible signature shows a straightforwardness, you have time and you’re not trying to hide behind anything. You are saying this is me and I’m happy about that.

The slant of your signature is straightforward, if to the right you are forward looking, friendly and outgoing. If to the left you need to stop hiding and push yourself forward more.

There are also many embellishments that are used, but I will save that for another post. Enjoy your writing and show the world what you want them to see.




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