Now, What are you hiding?

So you have your signature and you know a little about what you are showing the world with the way you write. There’s much more to it than that, there are all of those little twiddly bits and personalised sweeps of the pen. That’s where you’re really hiding your personality.

If you want to change the way the world sees you then read on…

It’s not just a signature, there are even companies that will investigate your handwriting and signature to see if you are the perfect candidate for a job. So you may decide to change your signature a little bit to please your would be bosses and give yourself a better chance at that job you have always strived for.

First of all, what do I mean by embellishments? Well it’s all of those little extras you add to your name or mark that you think makes you look individual. Most of us have them in one form or another. It maybe a symbol you added to your signature when you were a teenager and has grown with you but is it still relevant?

Do you underline your signature in a confident sweep or stop your pen at the end of your name? An underlined signature shows a need to be noticed, possibly a lack of self confidence. This person needs to be given some responsibility to increase their self esteem. Do you encircle your signature? This could show a need for protection, you want to feel safe,  it also shows caution. These people are sensitive.

If you put a line through your signature this may show feeling of guilt or of unhappiness. If it goes through the christian name then there is personal unhappiness, take a look at how you can change this, it’s more than needing to change your signature. Through the surname may show your professional life is being affected. A vertical line to finish the signature shows a private personality, they like to block out the world.

An unnecessary full stop at the end of your signature shows a streak of a stubborn nature and someone who is over cautious and is trying to show the world that they are in some way more important than they are.

Now having said all of this if you use your signature for creative or artistic reasons then you have possibly made your signature look pleasing to the eye, so on the bottom of a painting or in a manuscript you shouldn’t worry about how it looks, the signature that this is analysing is your normal sign, the one you would sign cheques or legal documents with.





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