Challenge poem.

A big thank you to Dewin Nefol for trying out the 3 word challenge, this beautiful prose came from just the three words I offered up.
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Enjoy 🙂
Of a sudden far away, in a lofty high tower,
Chruch Bells ring out to ‘warn of the hour!’
“Men to the battlements! Prepare to fight!”
“Dewin Nefol is coming, Baron Red Kite!”
“Shake not in your boots at this fateful time!”
“Think not of his talons as knives keenly tined”
“Think not of his magical feathered red suit!”
“Nor Lady Liberty he romances: Rose Mandolin on his flute!
medieval flute

2 thoughts on “Challenge poem.

  1. Good morning Steph 🙂

    How are you? Thank you for the repost 🙂 It’s kind of you and warmly appreciated: your introduction seems far to grand for my hasty scrawl – and my appalling spelling errors – Chruch Bells? lol What are they? Perhaps something to do with Morris Men, a broken leg, and walking aides? 🙂

    The supporting image, thank you, it has a wonderful sense of renaissance about it. The graphic put me in mind of my one of my favourite Alfred Lord Tennyson poems, ‘The Lady Of Shalot’, here set to music by Loreena McKennitt – her voice is evocative and haunting and seems to fill Tennyson’s lines with timeless Celtic mystery….perhaps the same mystery that flows with the river downstream.

    Hoping you’ll enjoy a peaceful and relaxing Sunday. Take care.

    Namaste 🙂


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