#Save Rita.

I know some of you will have no idea what this post is about but I will explain.

Rita (Barbara Knox AKA Rita Tanner) is a character in the longest running soap opera in the UK called Coronation Street, the program had been on our television screens since 1960. Many great actors have walked the cobbles of Coronation Street, even Prince Charles has set foot on that hallowed ground. Rita first appeared on the show in 1964 but didn’t become a regular until 1972. Since then she has been welcomed into the fans homes regularly and is seen as Coronation Street royalty.

Now at the age of 83 the show looks like it is taking a much loved character and giving her a very sad ending. Hence the #SaveRita hashtag, there is also a petition on change.org to try and have the storyline changed. So if you’ve seen the stories and have no idea whats going on, here’s the low down in a youtube interview.

Over the top I hear you say….. Well we all love Rita and if she’s got to leave the show then let’s send her off in style, maybe on a cruise with a dapper new gentleman on her arm. In fact almost anything except for this sad storyline.

Here’s a newpaper article so you can see just seriously us Brits take Coronation Street.


Thanks to ‘The Sun’ for the story.

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