Friday Roundup – 29th September

Indie authors… there’s so great info here, check it out.

Stevie Turner

1.  Big Al at Indies Unlimited warns authors to beware regarding reviewers:

2. Lisa Brown at Just Publishing Advice writes about how to handle online criticism:

3.  A Writer’s Path gives 5 essentials of novel writing for a new author:

Five Essentials of Novel-Writing for the Emerging Author

4.  Thanks to Jacqui Murray for this copyright info:

5.  Thanks to Jean M. Cogdell for this info on adding a buy button to your WordPress site:

How to make buying easy for your readers

6.  Surburban Syntax advises us not to pay reading submission fees:

7.  Thanks to D.G Kaye for this read-aloud feature on Word that I never knew existed:

8.  Reedsy asks ‘How long should your novel be?’

9.  Michael Dellert gives 7 ways to build your author brand:

10.  Erica Verrillo lists 37 US writing conferences in October:…+and+Other+Forms+of+Insanity)

11.  Megan Morgan…

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