Happy Weekend

After a week of madness… you probably noticed that ‘After the Light, After the Love’ is out… Well now I’m going to have a weekend reading instead of writing or promoting.

I tell ya this writing lark is great fun and I love escaping into a different life whilst I put pen to paper but sometimes you just need to kick back and watch ‘Strictly’ with a glass of something that will make you smile.

So I’m stopping by to wish you all a…

8 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. Thanks, Steph. Hope you enjoy your weekend, too. I’m listening to various chapters of three audiobooks that two narrators are feeding through to me to listen to and make any amendments. I have three audiobooks in production which should be ready well before the end of 2017. They’ll join the five already available. I’ll get back to writing book 13, a crime thriller, later today. Weekends are continuations of the week for me these days, ever since I decided to write books full-time a few years ago. Good luck with your new book.

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    • Phew…. and breathe… I work everyday but for this weekend my evenings will not have pen and paper involved. How do you find doing audiobooks? It’s something I know nothing about. Sounds like going full time was a good move for you. Good luck.

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      • Thanks, Steph. I narrated two of my audiobooks, but have changed tack in the past year, and now only use professional narrators who I found on ACX. I have built a rewarding relationship with Tracey Norman and Alexander Doddy, who will have narrated six of my books between them by the end of this year. I do it all through ACX. Paying narrators is the only money I have ever spent on my 12 books, as I do everything else myself as an indie author, including the covers, book layout, and publicity material because I was a graphic designer for 20 years. I reckon the expense of professional narrators is well worth it.

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