Books Are Back.

Not that books have ever been away but the ebook market did make quite a dent in sales starting a decade ago. Now it seems that ebook sales have really slowed down and printed books are coming back.

Ebook sales dropped by 20% last year and print books increased by almost 15% so what’s causing it? Apparently, readers still prefer to curl up with a real book and as time to read is a luxury for many they choose a more hands-on approach. It also seems that people are looking for ways to spend less time looking at a screen and it’s artificial light source. Personally, I have noticed that is is more difficult to find ereaders that don’t double up as tablets, it’s certainly a reason why I read less ebooks than I used to.  I don’t think we’ll ever go back to purely print but maybe as authors we should be more careful when we choose how to publish.

So what does this mean for authors? It seems authors still prefer to publish an ebook, it’s simple and free (in most cases) to get your work out there. Maybe it’s time to consider returning to print, I for one am happy that print is returning and love the photos my readers send to me of places they have taken their books. I’ve received photos from around the world and it always makes me smile.

So what do you prefer? I read ebooks when I’m on the go but still think it’s a luxury to curl up on the settee and have time to relax and enjoy a good book.


9 thoughts on “Books Are Back.

  1. I’m guilty of being an e-book reader and not being able to go back. I understand the feel of holding a physical book, I grew up with it, but honestly I’m so much more inclined to read something when it’s on an easily accessible device. It was actually when Kindle came to smartphones that I started reading more after a hiatus of ‘never finding time’ to read and ‘not having a lamp in my bedroom’. It seemed perfect for me, a phoneaddict, to be able to replace ‘Scrolling down facebook’ with ‘Reading a book’, without the disconnect between having to put my phone down (How on earth does someone do that?!) and without having to turn on a light.

    That said, I completely understand about the ‘doubling up as tablets’. I got my Kindle at Christmas, as in the actual Kindle with the electronic ink, and it is absolutely perfect for me to read with. It’s light, it’s easy to carry with me, it stores all my books, it gets me off my phone, and it has an adjustable backlight so I can read without disturbing my fiancee. Its honestly one of the best things to happen to me and I’ve read more books this year than I have in the past 5 years combined.

    An interesting point of note, I think, is with physical books I’ve noticed a big push towards ‘Collectors’ editions recently. Books are re-releasing with new covers, special illustrated copies, things for fans to have pride of place on a shelf. I wonder if that has at least a little something to do with the resurgence, as that’s something an electronic copy will never have over a physical one!

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    • I’m with you completely with never putting our phones down. But I don’t like reading on my phone, I do like an ereader much kinder on the eyes.
      From an authors point of view I meet a lot of people who want books signed to them so print copies are the only way to go for them.
      To be honest I’m torn between the two mediums as a reader. But I do love my physical bookshelf.

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      • That’s the one thing that sells me: my physical bookshelf, but in that case I’m actually happy to buy both versions (depending on the book!). I recently ran a book club, and whilst I read everything on e-reader (and, interestingly, so did almost everyone else in the group) one of my friends strictly reads physical copies. It was nice, because at the end of it all he had a shelf filled with all the books we’d read over the course of the club. Whereas the rest of us didn’t have that. Looking back, I kind of wish I had built that collection of physical books as testament to that club and it’s memories.

        By the way, I definitely agree that kindle is kinder on the eyes, I don’t really recommend reading on your phone! It’s just what got me started, haha! 🙂

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  2. I’ll always love the feeling of holding a real book with real pages in my hands. Glad to see the world is returning to that viewpoint as well. I admit that i have ebooks on my kindle as well, but…given my druthers, I’ll always take the real thing. Thanks for posting.

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  3. I read a lot and ebook readers are just more convenient. I have a Kobo and it slips in my pocket like a hand in glove. I have nearly finished Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons and that is a huge book. Over 750 pages and that would be a cumbersome task to keep whipping it out to read a few pages here and there.

    Also, there is something appealing about having my favourite novels with me all the time.

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