Quote Challenge – Day One

Carol thank you for nominating me for this challenge, I love, love, love quotes so hopefully you’ll enjoy my choice for the next three days.

Before I start I’d like to encourage you all to go and check out Carols Day One quote challenge,  you know the routine, just click the link.

So… onward and upward, with my quote of the day…

what if i 1

A beautiful quote by Erin Hanson. I’m sure we all have days when we wonder if we’re good enough, days when we wonder why we chose to follow our dreams when we could have just had an easy life. The trepidation of starting on a new path, we’re all scared of doing something new, taking that first step. This quote always makes me realise the chances we take are worth it, they could be stepping stones to something amazing. If we fall then we learn from that and just maybe our dreams will come true.


Now it is time to introduce you to my three nominations to take this challenge forward.

My first is Angie Dokos, a great author and all round good egg.

My second is a lady you really should check out if you like poetry Ritu is sure to be entertaining.

My third is Dani, she is a recent wordpress friend of mine but I love her posts, so stop by and say hello.

See you tomorrow with quote two… Have a great day.



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