Quote Challenge – Day Three

Carol thank you for nominating me for this challenge, I love, love, love quotes, inspiring, fuzzy lovely quotes, so hopefully you’ve enjoyed my choices for the last couple of days.

Before I start I’d like to encourage you all to go and check out Carols Day Three quote challenge,  you know the routine, just click the link.

So… onward and upward, with my quote of the day. Today we’re going all high brow and literary..


Just live, live right and live happy. Try to be nice and hopefully you will reap what you have sown.

Be happy people and thanks for checking out the challenge.

Why not have a go yourselves.

5 thoughts on “Quote Challenge – Day Three

  1. thanks for sharing. reminds me of one my girlfriend and i look at everyday. a smiling buddha says “i was smiling yesterday, i am smiling today and i will smile tomorrow simply because life is too short to cry for anything.” wise words to live by. thanks again for sharing.

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