Days of Gratitude #21

A friend started the 30 days of gratitude challenge and I thought it was a wonderful idea. You should stop by and check her poetry out she is an amazing poet.

So it’d be really nice if anyone would like to join in. It just gently reminds us that we have a lot to be thankful for, even on those days that it really doesn’t feel like it.

Day 21 = What Song are you most grateful for?

I really don’t know how anyone can be expected to answer this question, there are so many songs in the soundtrack to my life, as I’m sure there are in everyone’s life. So  now I have to choose…

I suppose the one that when I’m feeling down can give me enough attitude to take on the day and will always make me smile has to be the choice, although ask me tomorrow and I may change my mind…

Here it is  ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ – Barbra Streisand.


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