E-Books Vs. Books.

Looking at my sales this year I had noticed a real change around in sales. Three years ago I was selling as many electronic copies of my books as I was paperbacks of the same titles. This year there seems to be a real slump in sales of ebooks, but my paperback sales were way up, I went off to scour the internet to find out if this was just me or a trend we should all be aware of.

I looked at e-readers first and devices that are specifically for reading books on and the choice now is very slim, where a few years ago you couldn’t move for the sheer quantity of devices out there. It seems that most people have abandoned their e-readers in favour of reading on their tablets or smartphones. So that didn’t seem too much of a problem. Although the backlighting on tablets and phones can be quite harsh on the eyes.

I looked around at news from the industry and it seems that people are turning back to books in their droves due to ‘screen fatigue’, we’re all trying to spend less time looking at screens as it’s beginning to take a toll on not only our eye health but also we are suffering much more now from sore neck and shoulders from constantly gazing down at our devices.

Children’s books are doing well in both mediums but general fiction is suffering (17% down in the first half of the year) as we all try to find a little time to relax away from our screens. The general consensus seems to be that ebooks will never disappear but readers are now going back to curling up and relaxing with a good old fashioned printed book.

So my conclusion is that we authors should either all start writing children’s books or spend more time putting our efforts into the traditional paper route for our work. I have to say it’s working for me and I love to be able to sign books for people, just one more thing that I can’t do with an ebook.

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2 thoughts on “E-Books Vs. Books.

  1. I keep reading that ebook sales aren’t growing the way they once were. I’m not sure my experience as a reader is relevant, since I’m a thousand years old, but I don’t find it as involving to read ebooks as it is to read paper.

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