Can We Really Change? part 2

The way we see ourselves has taken a long time to arrive at the point we are today. We are shaped and moulded into what other people wanted us to be from the day we were born, then when those very same people see traits they don’t like in us, they forget where it came from. But can we really change or will we continue to flinch at the same things that once were thought to be so endearing in our nature?

Jessica – Part 2

Jessica sat her husband down and tried to explain how she felt about her life, he did as he usually did, only half listened whilst trying to sneakily watch the TV. She wondered if it was worthwhile bothering to change her life, after all what was the point. Everyone around her seemed like they were content enough. Still that phrase her father had used about why did she always have to act that way rang a bell with her. She wanted to scream, when could she just be herself, instead she returned to her ordinary life.

Fast forward ten years…

Jessica had done nothing about changing her life, he had settled for what she had, at least the bills were paid and she had a roof over her head. The words her now late father had said still got to her but now she thought she was too old to change anything. She still worked for the same company and had never taken any time off and she was bored. Whilst she felt sorry for herself the months ticked by.

She reached her fifty fifth birthday, and she was angry, her parents had programmed her so that her life would mirror theirs, she could see it all playing out ahead of her. Her husband said she was going through a midlife crisis, her son thought she was a little odd but also he liked the fact that she was finally standing up for herself. He handed her an envelope, her birthday card. She smiled and opened it, it wasn’t a card it was the itinery for a holiday in South America, she could travel and see all the things he remembered her saying she was interested in.

She smiled up at her son, he understood and didn’t try to make her do things his way, “You deserve it Mum.” He said. There was just one ticket, yes, she thought you really do understand.

Now she knew that yes we can change if we are willing to be brave and move forward,  but we can only do it for ourselves.

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