Tree Spirit…

It’s mid-afternoon and cold, bitterly cold. Nad needed to get out of the house, her boyfriend was pissing her off today. She needed somewhere to sit and think through their relationship. She grabbed her coat, hat and scarf and headed out to the local park, her fingers already beginning to tingle with the cold, she wished she’d picked up her gloves too. She kept moving, Tim would be home soon and she didn’t want to be in the house when he got in. They had rowed over something stupid last night and that coupled with the lack of intimacy in their relationship was more than she could bear.

She got to the park and found herself a bench under a huge old oak tree and sat down, her mind was in turmoil. She heard a rustle behind her and snapped her head around to find the cause of the sound, there was nothing there. She returned to thinking about her life and how she’d managed to mess it up so much. A young couple walked past hand in hand, smiling at each other and laughing, they smiled in her direction and walked on, ‘that won’t last” she thought unkindly.

There was another sound behind her, she ignored it this time but something strange seemed to be happening, it was as if the colour was draining out of the world around her. She shouted to the couple but no sound came out of her mouth, they continued to walk away happily. She looked more carefully at the couple, the more she looked the more transparent they appeared. What was happening?

She felt hands on her pulling her backwards towards the tree, she struck out but there was nothing there she was just being sucked closer and closer towards the tree. Then an audible pop and everything went dark. Suddenly she had more to worry about than lovers and relationships.

Something warm wrapped itself around her and she relaxed as her life played out in her head, she had no idea what was happening to her but she felt pleasure, finally. She could never allow her life to be any less than what she was feeling now. Memories of happy times flowed through her mind.

Then as suddenly as she had been overcome with these feelings, they disappeared. She was back in the shade of the tree and now she was cold and the lovers had gone. She knew her life would never be the same, she would not feel sorry for herself or stay in an unhappy place.

Life was for living and for enjoying, nothing could stop her from being happy ever again. The spirit of the tree would guide her forever.


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