Wise Woman Years.

Are you there already or are you approaching them?

You’ll know when it happens, small pearls of wisdom will spout forth from you lips and you begin to prefer to be amongst a few select people rather than partying with the hoards. It’s a time when you will start appreciating life and start to do things that please you and help others.


It’s not just your thinking that changes but your body will too and generally by the time you get there you’ve stopped worrying about your lumps, bumps and curves and settled into your own skin.


It is a wonderful time where true friendship and meaningful relationships come to the fore, also a time of self-appreciation. Time to do things that make you content, take care of yourself and re-evaluate your life. There is oh so much still to learn.


For me the realisation that I’d reached this golden time was a watershed moment and time to cast off the old and embrace the new. Trust me not everyone will understand, but your life will be so enriched by following your own path. There will be many new experiences and the discovery of a life that is yours alone.


If you’re not near your wise woman years (It’s different for everyone) then I can promise you there are wonderful times to come for you.



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